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The Reel Life

Character Breakdowns
The Reel Life is a comic send up of the film industry.

Nathan Goldman: 40s. Co-owner of Shirbert Films, he is manic, megalomaniacal and driven — nothing stops him or gets in his way. He is also a walking life support system for a hard-on. And all of this masks his vulnerability, insecurity and heart. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Norman Goldman: 40s-50-ish. Co-owner of Shirbert Films, and Nathan's brother. Even though the older of the two, he's quieter and seemingly the less powerful. This, however, is deceptive; he's simply a more cerebral version of his brother, more than willing to let his brother play bad cop. A shark, masquerading behind the persona of a Talmudic scholar and family man.

Stasia Fairview Spelling Goldman: 30s-40s. Nathan Goldman's ex, daughter of legendary Hollywood star, Dunston Fairview. Stasia is a performance artist (with an “E” at the end), into New Age, tarot, colonics, tantric sex and any fad that comes along to pique her interest. Kind of a latter day Stevie Nicks. She is the one person guaranteed to drive her ex up, over, and through the wall.

Shirley Goldman: A youthful, still sexy, late 60s-70s. The Goldman brother’s mother, a Minnie Marx-type who lives for and adores her sons (although she sees their foibles as well as their…finer…points). She is the ultimate of Jewish mothers, loves to bake goodies for others, with a huge heart and a wicked sense of humor. She is also the icon of perfect womanhood to her sons who named their company after her and her late — may he rest in peace — husband, Bert.

Dunston Fairview: 70-ish. British. Dunston is a cultural icon, a living legend in the mode of an Orson Welles or Sir Patrick Stewart. He is a star with a capital STAR! There is nothing (and we mean nothing) he hasn’t seen or done, either in or out of the entertainment industry. With an ego fully capable of keeping up with his accomplishments, Dunston has been married five times, won three Academy Award-winner and is a sought after commercial spokesman. When Dunston speaks, people listen. And because of his commercial work, everyone recognizes his deep and resonant voice.

Barbara Clarkson: 40-ish. Barbara is a smart, beautiful woman, and the sane glue that holds the Shirbert ship together. As Shirbert’s Executive Producer, she is also the company’s designated adult in the room. Other than Shirley, she is the only one who has ever been able to corral the Goldman Brothers, and keep them on the semi-straight.  THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Todd Sloan:
Mid-30s-40ish. Writer/Director/Wunderkind. Smart, talented, sharp and able to hold his own with the Goldmans and then some. Todd’s good-natured sense of humor masks his ability to be every bit as hard-nosed and shark-like as his employers, if necessary, even though he’s somewhat more vulnerable and human.

Susie Cho: 20s-30s. Shirbert Films' cute acerbic office manager and all-around girl Friday, is truly a NYC girl. Always ready with a smart remark or quick retort, nothing much fazes her. She is smart, sharp and has a biting sense of humor.

Randy Franklin: 40-ish. Shirbert Films’ “Production Liaison,” and a complete suck-up. He's smart, but not smart enough to be able to use the Goldmans as opposed to being used by them. His ego-driven blind ambition is what keeps getting in his way. His major claim to fame was as a child actor on a failed syndicated children's show.

Clifton Sommersby: 60s. The renowned New York Times chief film critic and Nathan’s major nemesis in the press, Sommersby is an egomaniac, in love with the sound of his own voice, as well as the words he puts on paper, and the power he’s accrued from such. He is also something of a major horndog.  THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Vanessa Howard: 20s-early30s. With a Master’s in Film from NYU, Vanessa is working as an office assistant at Shirbert to work her way up the ranks. She’s smart and sassy, but also a kinder, gentler personality, making her something of an anomaly at Shirbert. 

Bambi: 20s. Bambi is a gorgeous young actress, with a pair of large, beautiful (and natural) breasts, which she is more than willing to use to her advantage. While she likes to come across as somewhat vapid and naive, she is far more calculating and ambitious then she lets on. She is proud of her sexuality, knows what she has, and not afraid to use it if it will advance her career.

Christopher Simon: Any Age. A frustrated writer who keeps showing up in different guises, attempting to interest the Goldman's in his project. This is a man who will not take “no” for an answer.

Other Assorted Characters (Day Players) & Extras: Stripping Starlet, Various Starlettes, TV Reporter, Print Reporters, Auditioning Actors, Movie-Goers, Funeral Attendees and fantasy segment women (some nudity involved).

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