In Production

Soular Films was founded by the husband and wife team of Tanya and Jonathan Marten, with the express purpose of utilizing the burgeoning digital revolution to produce entertaining movies covering a variety of topics and genres.

Our mission is to create works that reflect our thoughts, dreams and aspirations — films that, hopefully, leave their mark on the audience forever. Every Soular film is presented as a possibility of growth, challenge, and inspiration. Our goal is to be a tool for individual betterment, entertainment and enjoyment. Soular Film's intention is to challenge our audience to explore and redefine what it is to be human. We are dedicated to developing material that crosses cultural, sexual, spiritual and ideological borders.

Interwoven in our stories are complex themes, ideas, and more importantly, questions. Highlighting this are rich and recognizable characters, crisp dialogue, and original, compelling plots.

Soular Films believes you cannot answer a question you haven't asked. These questions are instilled in every story we've written ourselves, or choose from outside sources. Some of these questions have answers and others are yet to be explored. Our films strive to inspire. And with every memorable film, we hope to challenge preconceived notions, excite and stimulate the mind, and, most importantly of all, entertain.

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