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Euphoric Tendencies - The Story

Beth Moss is a frustrated writer, bored with her bookstore job, her computer-geek boyfriend, and her inability to write the great American novel.

Enter Mina, a bisexual, effervescent, free-spirit, who scoops Beth up and proclaims, “If you want to be a good writer, get out there and LIVE.”

Mina thrusts Beth headfirst into erotic novels, yoga, dancing under the full moon, fetish clothing, bisexuality, and spanking. Ignoring her novel, Beth fills the pages of her journal with the details of her exciting new experiences, and the changes they're having on her

After a series of humorous events and mishaps, Beth is given the opportunity to publish her journal and must decide - does she keep this new life of hers private or share it with the world. In the process, she finds herself, her muse, and a more fulfilling life than she could ever have imagined.

The Reel Life - The Story

The Reel Life follows the daily chaos within Shirbert Films, an independent motion picture company run by the volatile combo of Nathan and Norman Goldman, brothers whose antagonism toward each other, is matched only by their antagonism toward everyone else.

As the film opens, we find the offices of Shirbert in more disarray than usual. When their attempt to rise above the T & A genre that has brought them success (by producing an updated version of Macbeth, starring Kanye West & Kim Kardashian) tanks badly, the brothers are forced to find a project to save their now floundering careers. The search brings them to an update of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, now titled The Hunchback & The Naughty Dame, that combines the kind of story they need, with classic Goldman tits and ass.  

Matters are complicated when Nathan is coerced into hiring his hated former father-in-law, showbiz legend Dunston Fairview, to star in the new film. Also around to keep Nathan's blood pressure in a constant state of volcanic eruption are his ex-wife, Stasia, as well as Shirley Goldman, the boys’ mother, also known as the Minnie Marx of the indie film world. 

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